Distress Signal Radio Commercial

The last stars for my audio assignments this week was put towards my radio show commercial. I picked the audio assignment make your own radio commercial  which was worth 3 1/2 stars. To complete this assignment I wrote up a script for my commercial idea and one that is specific to my radio show group! After I wrote up my final draft I recorded my script through Soundcloud. Then I added in some super theme song music, which tags along with our game show aspect of the radio show as well! Now all my small individual components for our upcoming radio show  are complete! Can not wait to put them all together and see how it comes out!! Enjoy my superhero meet and greet commercial!



Radio Bumper for Distress Signal!

So in preparation for our radio show I decided to use some of the audio assignment stars this week to create another radio bumper, but this time one that relates specifically to our groups show! The radio bumper audio assignment is worth 4 stars! Our radio show is going to be called Distress Symbol Radio/Podcast. With the help of my group members we came up with a few different versions of radio bumpers. That way they would be different and interesting, but follow a similar style so there was some continuity throughout our show! To create this new bumper I played some lyric free superman music in the background while I read my script. I recorded this bumper using the voice memo app on my iPhone and then uploaded it to SoundCloud! Hope you all enjoy, and look forward to hearing this bumper in our radio show next week!!


Modify a Song without any new noises!

This week my first task was an audio assignment from the bank! I picked Modifying An Original Song Without Outside Sounds. This assignment was worth 4 and 1/2 stars. The goal of this assignment was to alter a song without adding new sounds, noises, or different music. So for this assignment I used the audio editor garage band. I uploaded a popular song called “All of Me” by John Legend. I picked this song because everyone knows it, so I hope that the changes will be noticeable. Then once I did that I began messing around with the sound options until I heard a noticeable difference. First I increased the tempo/beats significantly. Then I turned the echo all the way up! Lastly I turned up the reverberations. Here is my altered version of “All of Me”. My favorite part is how much echo sound is noticeable now!


Sound Effect Story

This audio assignment was so interesting. Telling a story without words takes a lot of creativity! To complete this project I used the recommend freesound.org website to find some sound effects for my story. I then downloaded them all to my iTunes account. One I completed that I uploaded all my sound effects to garage band. I used garage band because I have had previous experience with it opposed to Audacity, which I looked at, but found it more difficult to use. Then once I inputted all of my sound effects into garage band I trimmed them to fit under the 90 second story limit! Here is my final sound effect story…Guess what my story is, and look and see if you are right at the bottom of my post!!

My story is that a little boy opened a magical door. The door opened to an enchanted forest full of birds chirping and magical creatures living happily. Then the Prince rode his horse in to meet the lost boy and make sure he was safe. Then a fairy flew out to meet them and cast a spell of protection over them because a horrific storm cast by the evil witch was coming straight for them. The fairy waved her wand and protected the whole enchanted forest from the thunder strikes of the witch. The story continues…

Motivational Quote

For my next audio assignment was worth 2 and 1/2 stars. The assignment was called Based On 1-Quote-A-Day Project. I chose this project because I am a huge fan of motivational quotes, they inspire me on the days when I need a little extra motivation. To complete this assignment I picked one of my favorite motivational quotes from my personal journal, recorded it on Soundcloud, and embedded it on my blog! This quote also applies heavily to my life! When I get bored, exhausted, or overwhelmed I had to learn how to give myself a rest and get back to work instead of giving up.


Super Radio Bumper

This week we were assigned to create a radio bumper. Although I hate these because they are the sign that the music has stopped for a while and I have to listen to ads it was pretty funny and fun to come up with my own idea for one! For this assignment I recorded myself with some super background music that I downloaded from iTunes to my computer. One I recored myself using the iPhone voice memos app I uploaded my file to Soundcloud and made sure to allow downloads! Enjoy my radio bumper!


Little Brain’s Bad*** Mixtape

For my first audio assignment this week was worth 4 stars! I chose to complete the Make your own Mixtape assignment. I loved making this assignment because I have a playlist for everything! I have a playlist for sleep, working out, going out, everything! And now I have a playlist for my superhero character Little Brain. Little Brain is a very intellectual and introspective superhero so to get hyped up for missions he really turns music to bring out his more powerful side. His playlist is called Bad*** Mixtape and is filled with powerful classic rock songs! If you ever need to get hyped up quickly feel free to check his playlist out!

Happy Listening!!Playlist available on soundcloud.



For my the third and final assignment bank project of this week I picked an audio assignment. I decided to do the “A Mailchimped Message” assignment. The basic premise of this assignment was to create an audio only ad where you integrate multiple voices together saying one phrase about something that matters to you. I decided to make my ad about UMW since it is such a huge part of my life currently. I began this process by taking multiple recordings of individuals on the iPhone app voice memo. Once I had my recordings complete I uploaded them onto my computer and exported them into iMovie. Within iMovie I trimmed the clips into the smaller phrases and matched them up with the previous clip to avoid large gaps in the ad. Once I finished clipping the four different people’s recordings into a single clip I exported the iMovie file into a MPEG file. For the last step of this assignment process I uploaded my MPEG file onto Soundcloud! Below is my finished product of University of Mary Washington’s unofficial new student ad.