Daily Creates- Week 11

Three daily creates this week!

First: Pop Art

To complete this daily create I chose an image I really like from my photo album and put it through the pop art editing website they provided in the original tweet. Then I tweeted the result!

Second: Illustrate the Idiom

To complete this daily create I basically just looked up some classic idioms and picked one that I thought I could illustrate it in a unique and clever way! Then I tweeted it!

Third: Behind door 106

To complete this daily create I looked through my photo album to see what sparked an idea in my head. Once I saw this picture I knew it would be perfect. It is beautiful, creative, and full of possibility just like everything we do in ds106.

Daily Creates- Week #10

Only 2 daily creates this week!

The first daily create I completed was The not so disappointed Mistaken google image. I completed this daily create by just thinking about what could eaily be miss typed in google…after brain storming I googled hot dog (not actually a typo) and came up with a hysterical image of a Weiner dog in a hot dog costume!

The second daily create I did was seeing double! To complete this daily create I took a snapchat of my friend Alannah and I with one of the double face filters! This was a very version of seeing double, since we really are different, but you can not tell due to the filter!

Ready for next Week’s daily create tasks!!

Daily Creates- Week #8

This week in daily creates we only had to complete 2 daily create posts!

This first post was a more emotional one, and I put a lot of thought into this post because it was important.

For this post I really thought about if something like this happened to me, and to my home what would I need to hear. I came to the conclusion that words of love and hope are what I would need to get through tough times. I came up with this wall sign I have in the room because it is just a reminder that no matter what you are going through you are loved.

Then next daily create I did was beautiful spirals!

I was a little more abstract when I was thinking in terms of spirals. Immediately I thought of the ocean spirals. The beach and the ocean are a few of my favorite things since I live on and island. I picked one of my favorite photos from when I was in Costa Rica this summer.

Daily Creates done, radio show on the way!!!

Daily Creates- Week #7


Since this week is heavy on group planning and participation, I wanted to make sure I got my daily creates out of the way early (or as early as I could).

The first one I completed was Cassini’s Last Words. I completed this daily create by simply searching goodbye in the gif application on twitter until I found one that made me laugh! I decided to go with a classic heart wrenching goodbye from Disney’s Woody.

Then I completed the WAIT, This is an Amazon Echo?? I completed this daily create by looking around the room I was in and picking an object that was shinny, with rounded edges, and made of a hard material. I ended up picking a flower vase, which makes it even funnier! The final product!!!

Last daily create of this week!!! This was my favorite daily create because the concept behind it. It was the Shit Superheros get asked daily create! I think in our society especially with social media we over dramatize ALOT. You hear the phrases, I am starving, I am dying, and I am exhausted over used and incorrectly used. So putting this into the concept of our classes theme with superhero distress calls was super funny!

Hope you enjoyed!!!

Daily Creates- Week #6

This week in Daily Creates Jordan style…

The first daily create I completed was Childhood terrors! For this daily create I just searched spider in the gif section on twitter until I found this gem that correctly evoked the feeling of terror I had when I was younger. Then added the correct hashtags and bam, done!

Second daily create was, make a vegetable smile! This was easy for me to complete because I just went shopping for some veggies! To complete this assignment I pulled out my peppers and tomatoes and formed it into a smile! Hashtags and BAM, done!

Lastly for daily creates, I participated in the rejected storm names weather broadcast! I thought this was a pretty funny idea. |You never thing of the names that get rejected. So I picked one of the names from the list, recored my weather broadcast on the voice memo app, uploaded it to Soundcloud, and posted it to twitter with the correct hashtags, and

Thats all for daily creates for week 6!

Daily Creates- Week 5

This week in Daily Creates Jordan version…

The first daily create I participated in was #tdc2083, show your best confused face! For this I just searched through the Twitter gif function until I found my favorite confused face!

The next daily create I worked on was #tdc2086, tall pictures. I took a little bit of an abstract perspective on this daily create. I am really missing my home on LONG Island so I figured a synonym for tall would be long!

The last daily I did for this week was #tdc2088, An open sign for an ice cream shop! To find this image I went on Tumblr and searched until I found a sign that both explained what they were selling and made me laugh! This sign would totally make me go buy ice cream!