The Life of a Superhero

First visual assignment I worked on this week was The Life of a Superhero assignment. I really love the idea that superhero’s seem to live such a glamorous life of saving people all day, but in reality they have to do normal things too!!! For this assignment I decided to make an image of Batman playing catch with a puppy, because who does not love puppies.

First step I did was look for an image of batman that would work for the idea of throwing a ball, which ended up not being successful. None of the images worked well for cropping onto another image. I started with this image of Batman, which did not work because his lack of legs.

So then I moved onto a picture of Batman with legs! So for my final image I used this picture to crop on top of the image of the dog playing fetch!

But to get his entire body into the photo app editor Pasteify I had to scale the size down slightly and really used this version of the image. I love using Pasteify because it is really simple and easy to use which is awesome since I have relatively low computer skills. I highly recommend it to anyone looking for an app that allows them to crop and paste images together.

Then I added in the back drop for this image, which is of a cute little puppy playing fetch in the yard.

Then for the final image of Batman playing catch with his pup!

This was a relatively easy assignment to complete once I figured out the creative side and decided what I everyday activity I was going to have Batman doing. I now picture every superhero playing with their very own loyal sidekick pup!

Weekly Summary: Week 3

This week was full of fun and creative assignments! First assignment I started with reading How Ancient Legends Gave Birth To Modern Superheros, watching The First ever superman cartoon, and watching Vonnegut on The Shape of Stories. After doing all of this research I wrote my first blog post of them week.

What makes a superhero story so super?

After this activity I started completing some of the writing assignments. First one I selected was the Day in the Life of A Superhero. This writing assignment was so much fun to complete, it really brought out my creative side.

A Day in the Life of Venus Shadow: Writing Assignment

Next writing assignment I tackled was Poem Parody. This was a very challenging but awesome assignment from the bank. I loved experimenting with different word choices throughout editing the original poem.

Poem Remix

Then I did the assignment writing a letter to my future husband! This was kind of hard for me because you are writing a list of hopes and characteristics about a person that you might have no even met. I love thinking and planning for the future so this was a fun activity.

A Letter to my Future Husband

And finally my last writing assignment for week three was How does this song make you feel? I liked the idea of this assignment, but the directions on how you should complete it were slightly off in my opinion. I did not like that you had to tweet your song choice with all of the hashtags and your thoughts because there is not enough space to get out many thoughts.

How does this song make you feel?

Then I worked on my Character Dossier. This was such a fun collaboration with my roommates. They all helped me pick different parts of my superhero sidekick Little Brain. I also loved making a back story for him, figuring out how he developed and learned to control his abilities.

Character Dossier

Then although I worked on my daily creates throughout the whole week I made one cumulative blog post containing all of the info on them last, check it out!

Daily Creates: Week 3

Also an awesome aspect of this week was everyone really getting involved with each other through commenting on each others blog posts, also liking and commenting on other people’s tweets! I know every single time I got a comment or response from someone I have felt more connected to this class and this community so that is awesome! Here are some of the comments and responses from this week below!

Character Dossier

Poem Remix

A Day in the Life of Venus Shadow: Writing Assignment

Dear Future Husband

My Dad, My Hero

Plus many more! Love everyone getting more and more involved! Makes the class so much more fun!



Daily Creates: Week 3

This week for my daily creates I started with artsy photo or not?

I loved this post because I have seen this concept in real life and think it is quite hilarious! I completed this daily create by taking a picture of duPont Hall from college ave because it is a nice artsy angle, but with some of my friends photo bombing it in a weird pose!

Then I posted this picture on Instagram but zoomed in so all you could see is the light post and the building and took a screenshot of it.

Then I used the Pasteify app to crop this image on top of the original image in the corresponding position for my final product and tweeted it!

My next daily create was my super power selfie!

This was pretty simple for me, I have always wished to fly, so I gave myself wings! All I did for this was google an image of wings and looked until I found ones that I liked enough to attach to my body! Then I used the editing app Pastetify to crop wings on to a preexisting selfie of me and tweeted it!

My last daily create this week was probably my favorite I have done so far. It was Stand like a superhero.

To complete this daily create I hit my best superhero pose, chest out, hands on hips, and looking up towards the sky. But, my favorite part of this assignment was adding my best attempt at a comic book filter. I used this new app I discovered called PicsArt to get this super cool filter! This was my final product!

The more daily creates I complete the more I am enjoying them!

Character Dossier

Introducing Little Brain, the smartest sidekick in the super universe.

Little Brain, human born name Brian Smalls was born in Augusta, Maine on December 20, 1996. Brian was just a 5’6, plump, nerd with glasses. When Brian was a little 10 year old boy his whole world changed. Brian was studying late one night in the public library during a terrible lighting storm. Brian was so tired after reading for hours that he fell asleep on a neuroscience textbook. Then lighting struck through the ceiling and hit Brian right on the brain. Brian woke the next day in the hospital with minor injuries, but a major change, he could now read people’s minds. He was so shocked and confused by his ability he did not tell anyone, except for one person, his doctor. Brian told him because he read the doctors mind, and figured out that he was the famous Doctor Blot, the fastest superhero in the North East. Brian trained with his doctor for years learning to control his gift while hiding it from his mom Debora and his father Chris. Since Brian was an only child he did not want to scare his parents with his oddity, so Brian Smalls lived two lives.

Fast forward 10 years, Brian is finally an adult, 20 years old, but still 5’6 and plump. Doctor Bolt asked him to take over the roll of a full time sidekick. They use their speed and brain power to take down every evil being that steps foot into the North East. Their arch nemesis is The PSYCHO-logist, use to be a psychologist who did one too many clinical trials on his brain frying his emotional and decision making structures. He does not feel remorse or pain, making him extremely dangerous. The PSYCHO-logist is their toughest villain because he knows Little Brain’s Kryptonite, hats, headbands, and helmets. If the individuals brain is blocked from him in anyway it makes reading their minds impossible.

Little Brain still to this day hides his true identity from his parents pretending to be a local librarian. They remain a close family having dinner together every night. Brian Smalls and the famous sidekick Little Brain continue to live the same, but separate lives.

How does this song make you feel?

My last assignment bank writing assignment for this week was worth 1 and 1/2 stars and it was called How does a song make you feel?

“Choose a song that elects a certain feeling within you. Copy the youtube/soundcloud URL to a Twitter post, and tell us what feelings this song brings you. Does it make you happy? sad? pumped? seductive? strong? let us know your feelings while listening to the song! You can add things such ” at :23 seconds, the hook dropped and it made me want to flail my arms around and scream”. Have fun with this!!”

Here is my tweet:

I love the idea of this assignment, but executing the goal of it in only a 140 character tweet was a little impractical, so I will add some of those thoughts here in this blog post instead!

The song I chose was “Sixteen” a song off Thomas Rhett’s new album called Life Changes. I chose this song first because it is one of my new favorites. Secondly, I love this song’s lyrics. It just reminds me how quickly life can pass you by when you are wishing to be older and wishing for the future. I think we all have a tendency to wish away some of the precious moments in life because we are so excited for the future. This song is a little reminder to take your time living life in the moment. I highly recommend this song to anyone who needs a reminder of treasuring life’s precious moments.

Poem Remix

My first writing assignment of this week was worth 3 stars, and it was the Poem Parody writing assignment.

“Take a poem and create a parody of it! Make a sonnet from Shakespeare into an ode to your cat, or rewrite Poe’s “The Raven” to be about Star Wars — shoot for anything you can come up with. The more ridiculous, the better! ”

I decided to pick this because I love poems and the importance of each word selected in one. So the idea of switching those to fit a new idea is super creative and challenging for me. I took this creative opportunity and related it back to the superhero theme of our class! First I search the internet for a poem that gave me enough time to put a whole superhero feel into it. Then once I decided on a poem I began editing switching up words until I got to my final product! Enjoy.

The Original: Still I Rise by Maya Angelou

The Remix: Still I Fly by Jordan Pamlanye

You may see my symbol in the sky
With your hope, superhero sized hopes,
You may hold my name up high
But still, like my cape, I’ll fly.Does my superness excite you?
Why are you overwhelmed with glee?
‘Cause I fly like I’ve got wings
Shooting out of my spine.

Just like villains and like enemies,
With the certainty of evil,
Just like the good soaring high,
Still I’ll fly.

Did you wish to meet me?
Mask and cape, and all?
Shoulders pushed back in pride.
Strengthened by your help me cries.

Does my power protect you?
Don’t you love that I am here
‘Cause I watch over you like you are
My family in my own back yard.

Villains may shoot me with their lasers,
Villains may cut me with their knifes,
Villains may kill me with their evil,
But still, like air, I’ll fly.

Does my hope upset you?
Does it come as a surprise
That I dance like I’ve got allies
At each one of my sides?
Out of the plenty of history books
I fly
Up from a different planet that’s way up in space
I fly
I’m a red like my cape, jumping high and strong,
Punching and fighting I defend the city.
Leaving behind nights of terror and fear
I fly
Into a day full of unknown danger
I fly
Bringing the powers that my planet gave,
I am the dream and the hope of the city.
I fly
I fly
I fly.


A Day in the Life of Venus Shadow: Writing Assignment

A day in the life of me Venus Shadow begins with breakfast, even superheros need the energy of the most important meal of the day. Then after I have my bacon, egg, and cheese sandwich I begin fighting crime with my trusty sidekick, Shade who is a black lab, and the most loyal companion ever. After my home planet Zynophorm exploded due to the evil Spambot I am all alone, except for Shade. Shade and I usually start a day of crime fighting in Copenhagen by hopping from shadow to shadow to transport quickly and check out all the local villains. We start on the South side patrolling the rogue angels territory. I can always tell when someone needs saving from them because when they attack a huge beam of light shines out, and since shadows are my specialty, I notice very quickly, almost as fast as the speed of light. Then once I take care of those guys, I move to the East side where my arch nemesis Spambot resides. He is continuously trying to destroy Earth and all its humanity just like he did to my home planet. I use my secondary power of controlling the icy zero-pressure vacuum of space to put out all of his fiery balls of doom and save Earth, but he always seems to slip away before I can get ahold of him. After Shade and I get through with the Spambot we head home for a hot shower, a home cooked meal, and dessert of course. Every day is a new battle for Shade and I, but we are happy to fight to keep Earth and all its inhabitants safe.

Here is a quick overview of my powers and backstory:

What makes a superhero story so super?

To begin this assignment I read “How Ancient Legends Gave Birth to Modern Superheroes”  watched the very first Superman cartoon (I had never seen any of the original Superman cartoons before), and watched Kurt Vonnegut’s talk on the shapes of stories. I found the article by Evan Narcisse to be extremely interesting. I really enjoy the idea of superhero’s being on a diverse spectrum, not just a yes or no qualification. It is not just having powers or wearing a cape that constitutes someone to be a superhero. The genre of science fiction specifically in regards to superhero characters has created a classic look and idea that comes to mind when someone thinks of a superhero. The most common things that you see within this genre are individuals with superhuman powers, a strong moral compass, good intentions, and usually a costume. Many of these are big deal breakers for people when deciding if someone is a superhero or not.

For me I personally agree with the idea that superheros are on a spectrum because not all of them can fit into that one box, but that does not make them any less super. For example one of my favorite newer science-fiction movies Deadpool. Realistically Deadpool is not the classic halo wearing superhero who always does the right thing. Deadpool was just some average hired gun, technically a bad guy. Then something terrible happens to him causing him to have the supernatural ability to regenerate and heal his body. Deadpool uses this ability to destroy the man who is torturing other people and creating human weapons that threaten the general population. Again technically he does a lot of wrong to get to that positive end goal, and he might be doing it for mostly selfish reasons, but I consider him to be a superhero because he uses his extraordinary gifts to help people, and hinder the bad guy.

This superheo story follows exactly what Kurt Vonnegut explained in his youtube video on the shape of stories. A Deadpool starts at a level of health and happiness, and through out the course of the movie his happiness and health level drop dramatically when he is diagnosed with an untreatable form of cancer and leaves his girlfriend. Then it comes right back up by the end of the movie due to his new abilities and the reuniting of his love. This arch and story shape is clearly crucial to all story lines, including superhero stories.

To me a superhero and a superhero story needs to have an individual who uses their extraordinary circumstance whether that be superhuman powers, incredible resources such as wealth or technology, etc to help people against a person trying to hurt the general population. That is what makes a character super to me.

Weekly Summary: Take 2

This week was jam packed with new learning opportunities and activities. First off I put some more time and customization into my blog. I tried out a few of the different themes, but a lot of them looked to cluttered and messy for my preference so I actually ended up going back to my original theme. After that I went in a changed up my blog title adding some more creativity and switched up my colors for my blog page. Lastly, I added all the plug-ins to help my blog run smoother! I’m pretty happy with the results of my blog right now, but who knows I might change my mind next week!

Then I tackled the new project of daily creates. I found this to be the easiest and the most fun of all the new assignments we worked with this week. I created a blog post of all three of my daily creates and the process I went through during this week!

Daily Creates

Next for the week I worked in the ds106 assignment bank. I enjoyed doing projects from the assignment bank because they challenged me a bit to get out of my comfort zone and experiment in new/creative ways I haven’t had to yet. I also really liked that they took a little more effort than the daily creates, but weren’t taking me hours to complete. I created a blog post for each of my assignment bank projects and the steps I took to get to the finished project! My favorite project to complete was the Audio assignment I did, check it out!!

Old School Photo

Alter Ego Instagram


Then for my struggles of this week! I had a tough time really getting involved with commenting and being active with other students. Since I really do not know anyone in this course I felt strange commenting on their blog posts, but then I figured I will never know them if I don’t. So near the end of this week I started commenting on some blogs, and I have been way more active on twitter with some of the daily create posts/conversations. Here is one of the blogs I left a comment on this week, I also commented on Olivia Breler’s weekly summary blog post, but I can not seem to get that to appear on my post properly (sorry for the technical difficulties) …hopefully there will be more to come!

First My Mother, Forever My Friend

Then my other struggle of the week was the groups google doc assignment. I pretty easily posted about my thoughts about previous assignments in the assignment bank, because I quickly realized what type of projects I enjoyed doing and which ones I did not like with the web storytelling category my group was assigned. I also found it pretty easy to make my own assignment for the Web storytelling assignment bank after looking through what was already there it helped spark some creative ideas. I created the Photo through different lens assignment, try it out and tell me what you think! So what I found most difficult about this part of this weeks assignment was the sharing of ideas and collaboration. There was little to no participation from the rest of my group which made it hard to bounce ideas off of people. Hopefully the more work we do in these groups the more activity there will be and the better the ideas will become!

Another week down in ds106, congrats everyone, you guys are SUPERstars!





For my the third and final assignment bank project of this week I picked an audio assignment. I decided to do the “A Mailchimped Message” assignment. The basic premise of this assignment was to create an audio only ad where you integrate multiple voices together saying one phrase about something that matters to you. I decided to make my ad about UMW since it is such a huge part of my life currently. I began this process by taking multiple recordings of individuals on the iPhone app voice memo. Once I had my recordings complete I uploaded them onto my computer and exported them into iMovie. Within iMovie I trimmed the clips into the smaller phrases and matched them up with the previous clip to avoid large gaps in the ad. Once I finished clipping the four different people’s recordings into a single clip I exported the iMovie file into a MPEG file. For the last step of this assignment process I uploaded my MPEG file onto Soundcloud! Below is my finished product of University of Mary Washington’s unofficial new student ad.