Little Brain’s Final Crisis

I think a really interesting final crisis would be to have the superhero, super villain, or sidekick like myself lose their power for a brief time. I like the idea of their power only being missing or lost for a brief time that way it is not as if they just turn normal and change their whole lifestyle. Instead it is a huge adaption in a small amount of time. I think it could be really interesting for our characters to have to continue fighting crime, or causing crime without theirs powers, until they return. And for a super human what is a bigger crisis then losing what makes you super?

For example my character Little Brain can read minds. So for some reason there is a block in his mind reading abilities for a few days, but a villain is on the loose. He can not take a day off from saving lives so what can he change, adapt, do to save the city? Maybe he uses his extensive knowledge to get an edge on the villain, maybe he uses his normality to sneak up on the evil guy. What do they do to be super when they are really just normal! Plus then there is a super come back story to end it, and who does not love a come back story?

Weekly Summary- Week #10

First thing I did this week was my daily creates!

Daily Creates- Week #10

Then I got to work on my 10 stars of Video Assignments!! My favorite one of this week to create was the video to 16 Year Old Me! It was so fun to make, and reminded me about how much I have grown since I was 16!

16 Year Old Me Video

Where my feet take me?


Product Review

Life Hacks

Then I completed the video essay film about superhero film/show! I completed mine on a scene from The Flash!

Video Essay- The Flash

Then here are some of my comments on people’s blogs!


The healthy vine challenge


Product Review

For my last video assignment of the week I chose Product Review. This assignment was worth 3 stars! To complete this project I simply chose an item in my house that I use extremely often and reviewed it, my Swell water bottle! I recorded this video using the photo booth on my laptop. Once I recorded it I inputted the clip to iMovie so I could add in some text slides of information, and audio for some finishing touches! Then I simply shared it to my youtube channel! Unfortunately when I uploaded it to youtube the title slides were removed, so if anyone has any advice on how to stop that from happening next time that would be really appreciated! Here is my final product!

Life Hacks

To complete this video assignment I first thought of a couple life hacks I actually use semi regularly! Once I came up with my three ideas I started recording! I found this to be the most difficult part because at times there was no one there to record for me, so I had to prop my phone up in certain ways to catch all the material in the frame. After I recorded all of the clips, and took some before and after images. Then I began editing them in iMovie!  For this project specifically I decided to add multiple still images (before and after images) and title slides to break up and clarify the different videos. Here is the final product!

Daily Creates- Week #10

Only 2 daily creates this week!

The first daily create I completed was The not so disappointed Mistaken google image. I completed this daily create by just thinking about what could eaily be miss typed in google…after brain storming I googled hot dog (not actually a typo) and came up with a hysterical image of a Weiner dog in a hot dog costume!

The second daily create I did was seeing double! To complete this daily create I took a snapchat of my friend Alannah and I with one of the double face filters! This was a very version of seeing double, since we really are different, but you can not tell due to the filter!

Ready for next Week’s daily create tasks!!

16 Year Old Me Video

The first video assignment I completed this week was worth 4 1/2 stars and was called Sixteen Year Old Me. I chose this assignment because I think these kinds of assignments are really applicable to life. I love looking back and learning from my mistakes, and I feel like that is really what this assignment is about.

To complete this assignment I used the video editing program iMovie! I first wrote my script so I knew what path my video would take. Then once I had my script written I then inputted the images that helped to tell my story. Then I went back in and added some music, transitions, and text to help complete the story. Lastly, I recored a voice memo using the iPhone app and added the voice over onto my video. Then I shared my project to youtube! I hope you enjoy my video of advice to my 16 year old self!

Weekly Summary- Week #9

How is it already week 9?!?!

Anyway! To start this week we finally got to hear all of the radio shows we have all been working on over these past few weeks! I loved the live tweet along, and even Professor Bond and I trying to use google hangout to chat afterwards! Along with the live tweet along I also wrote a review of one of the awesome ds106 radio shows we had!

Review of Radio Show!

Also we had to complete 6 stars from the assignment bank this week! I chose two assignments, create your own room which was 4 1/2 stars and Google Draw something which was worth 1 1/2 stars! Both of these were super easy and also fun which was a nice break from the intense effort and slight stress from creating our radio show!

Create Your Own Room

Google Draw Something

Then I also completed the three daily creates that somehow connected into a story! This was so cool because when I was completing a daily create instead of doing something super random I had to think of a way to tie it into my previous one.

First one: Sticky Note Motivation for a Stranger

Second one: Drawing small

Third one: life look like 100 years from now!

They all connected because they are kind of my plan for the future! Stay motivated, graduate, and then live life in the future with all the advanced technology that I see coming!

Then I completed the Photo Through Different Lens Web assignment. I was so excited to complete this because I actually created this assignment! So since I created this assignment I decided to go with my original idea and example provided of shoes through different lens! I was super happy with how this turned out! I hope anyone else who completed this assignment found it as fun and challenging as I did.

Photo Through Different Lenses

Lastly, I completed the web storytelling assignment. Once again I was intimidated by the idea of this assignment, how am I suppose to alter a website already created? I was so confused, but this class always pushes me out of my comfort zone and I did it!

Web storytelling Using Amazon!

And as always a few comments from me!

Web Storytelling Via Amazon

Wow its hard to draw with a mouse pad

Dream vacation

Dream vacation


Web storytelling Using Amazon!

When I first read what I had to do for this assignment I was very intimadated! How am i suppose to edit a pre made website? This idea did not even make sense to me at first. Then I used the Mozilla X-Ray Goggles site and followed their basic tutorial and it was actually so simple!

Once I figured out how the heck I was suppose to do this I went right to Amazon! I chose Amazon because one I am an active prime member and love their site! I also thought if I was looking for the most abstract thing ever and could not find it where would I look, and the answer was Amazon! I was not sure what or how I was going to edit into a new product, but then it hit me! I created a product that actually helps stop my super sidekick little brain from using his mind reading powers. I thought it would be funny to almost have it be a one stop shop for super villains to finally be able to stop the good guy.

So I search bike helmet on Amazon and editing the text to describe it as a Mind Reading Protection Helmet! I editing throughout the entire text to really make this product seem real!! I even edited all the small text no one even reads!

Purchase your mind reading protection ASAP before all the villains clear them out!

Here is a closer image of the smaller text!

Photo Through Different Lenses

This was so cool!!! I am a little bias because I actually created this assignment! The basic idea of this assignment is to take a normal object (for example shoes), but make it creatively different in each picture!

To complete this assignment I took 10 pictures of shoes in the most creative and interesting ways I could think about! To create extra variety I even edited some of them a little extra! Then once I completed taking the pictures I edited a few of them with Picsart app and also collaged them using this app! I highly recommend it! Then I tweeted out my results for all to see!

Here are all my images individually so you can really see how I used the simple object differently in each! And also my end result and tweet!

Hands for Feet!!
3D Cartoon feet!
Eagles need sneakers too!


SHOE PHONE! Call me I am on the run!
Shoes unite!
Rain boots, Shoes, or room decorations?
Princess Leia shoe version.
Shoe protection!
Chairs need to get places too, right?

And my overall final product and tweet!

Super cool to see my idea come to life!



Review of Radio Show!

So today Tuesday October 24th I tuned into ds106 radio and listened to all the phenomenal radio shows this class produced!!! It was sooo cool to have our project finally shared live for everyone to hear, and I really appreciate all the comments and live tweet feedback it was incredible! Along with listening to my own radio show I listened to three others! For my review I decided to talk about 30 Minutes with Hannah Woehrle. I decided to do this one simply because it was the first show I got to fully listen to, so it was fresh in my mind with no other comparisons!

This show was awesome! It followed a similar plan as our show with the interview and game aspects! I think that is a great outline for a radio show because it helps people stay excited about the show. I loved how the interview was clear and to the point with a question and an answer, no fuss! It keeps the listeners interested and active in the show! My only critique would be to maybe shorten the gap between the question and the answer clips for a more realistic feel, but in reality there could a lag in radio call in conversations too, so really not a big issue at all!! There was also a phenomenal use of commercials during this radio show. It broke up content really well, and the commercials were quite entertaining as well!  I also really really loved the game that took place during this show! It was fun and challenged at the same time. I stunk at guessing, but I also could not stop guessing! I also never even thought to incorporate a hashtag for the games used in radio shows! That was such a creative idea to get listeners actively involved and talking! Great use/incorporation of social media into the radio show!

Great show guys!!!