The final weekly summary- Week 14

This is crazy fourteen weeks done, ds106 is over! This past week Alaina, Ashleigh, and I finalized our project! Our project continued our radio show theme and content.

For our final project we created a tumblr that served as our radio show Distress Signal’s online news presence. This week we proof read our news articles which consisted of a post introducing us as hosts, and introduction article, an article for each of our superheros, and finally a concluding “where are they now” article. Then since tumblr works as the most recent post goes to the top we had to carefully organize the order of our posts. Then mainly this week we filmed and edited our video interviews. This was a major component of our project so we spent a lot of time making those center pieces for our “website”. We met three times this week to really help create a cohesive flow for our interview videos even though we all filmed them separately.  We did this by having the same intro/outro and also by having matching text subtitles on our videos.

Overall our tumblr looks very official, and the content on our page is extremely thought out and related into not only our characters but our radio show project as well! I love our finished project because it incorporates so many different aspects of the topics we covered throughout this course!

Special shout out to Alaina and Ashleigh for helping make both of these projects so awesome!

Check out our tumblr here: Distress Signal News



Ds106 Final Crisis -Progress Post

For this final crisis the distress signal radio show team decided to team back up! That means Ashleigh, Alaina, and I are working in a group for this final project!

For our final crisis we decided to continue with our radio show Distress Signal since we loved our story line and final product so much.

Basically our idea is to create a tumblr page that acts as our radio show’s online presence! Our plan is to create a news web series that follows up the aftermath of Dr.Evil’s attack on the city that occurred during our radio show. This will include 5 news article posts. Each news article will contain a writing element, a video element, visual element, and an audio element embedded within the news summary.

The first news article will state a more general summary such as a recap of the events that took place during our radio show when Dr.Evil attacked the city, and will incorporate all three of our class characters who loose their powers due to Dr.Evil’s attack on the city. The the following three news articles will be exclusives with each of our superhero characters. These news articles will incorporate interviews about the actual event that took place and how they are doing now without their super powers. The final news article will be a “Where are they now” 5 years later follow up piece. This will give brief summaries about what are all of our characters doing now with their lives.

Our project will incorporate the following elements from our class:

  • Web Storytelling
  • Writing
  • Video
  • Visual
  • Audio

Weekly Summary- #12

The first thing I did this week was my Mashup assignment stars!

First: I’m Ready for My Closeup (4 1/2 stars)

I’m Ready for my Closeup

Second: Holiday Mashup (4 stars)

Little Brain’s Fav Holiday Mashup

Third: Photo Mash (3 1/2 stars)

Photo Mash

Then I decided to create a tutorial right after completing a new assignment that way the steps and process I followed were extremely fresh in my mind! So right after I finished my first mashup assignment I completed my tutorial as well! Hope this helps any future ds106’ers with Mashup week!

I’m Ready for My Closeup Tutorial

Then I did my first remix assignment of the week! I remixed Places of Peace assignment and the remix card said “subtle swticheroo”.

REMIXXX! Places of Peace

Then for my second remix assignment I decided to remix a new assignment one I had never seen or done before! I remixed Destination Post Card assignment! The remix card said “Stache It”, can you guess what that means?

REMIXXX #2! Destination Post Card

Lastly this week I completed my two daily creates!

First: 1 Red element

To complete this assignment I first took a picture of an object that is red, so I decided upon an apple! Then I used the app color splash. This app makes it really easy because it turns the image all black and white, and then you get to highlight the parts of the image you want to revert back to its original color! Resulting in a color splashed image!

Second: ds106 in real life

And finally commenting!!

Remix #1

Jokers meet Pollack

Ramsay is ready for his close up



Weekly Summary- #11

The first thing I completed this week was the Final crisis brain storm! This was a super fun, creative, and easy way to this about our characters in a new lens.

Little Brain’s Final Crisis

Then I completed all three of my daily creates! Check out which ones I completed and the process I took to get there in my blog post!

Daily Creates- Week 11

Then I completed two video assignments for my 10 stars with week! One was a vlog about my day (5 stars)! The other was Text + Diagram -> Movie assignment (5 stars) which I made about Little Brain my character’s origin story! My favorite to film was by far the origin story. It was so different and creative from anything I have ever done! Check them both out in my blog posts about them!

Take us through your day!- Vlog Style

Text + Diagram –> Movie: Little Brain’s Origin


Then to finish up this week some of my many comments!!

Narrative Ambiance

Movie Intro

Head in the Clouds

Weekly Summary- Week #10

First thing I did this week was my daily creates!

Daily Creates- Week #10

Then I got to work on my 10 stars of Video Assignments!! My favorite one of this week to create was the video to 16 Year Old Me! It was so fun to make, and reminded me about how much I have grown since I was 16!

16 Year Old Me Video

Where my feet take me?


Product Review

Life Hacks

Then I completed the video essay film about superhero film/show! I completed mine on a scene from The Flash!

Video Essay- The Flash

Then here are some of my comments on people’s blogs!


The healthy vine challenge


Weekly Summary- Week #9

How is it already week 9?!?!

Anyway! To start this week we finally got to hear all of the radio shows we have all been working on over these past few weeks! I loved the live tweet along, and even Professor Bond and I trying to use google hangout to chat afterwards! Along with the live tweet along I also wrote a review of one of the awesome ds106 radio shows we had!

Review of Radio Show!

Also we had to complete 6 stars from the assignment bank this week! I chose two assignments, create your own room which was 4 1/2 stars and Google Draw something which was worth 1 1/2 stars! Both of these were super easy and also fun which was a nice break from the intense effort and slight stress from creating our radio show!

Create Your Own Room

Google Draw Something

Then I also completed the three daily creates that somehow connected into a story! This was so cool because when I was completing a daily create instead of doing something super random I had to think of a way to tie it into my previous one.

First one: Sticky Note Motivation for a Stranger

Second one: Drawing small

Third one: life look like 100 years from now!

They all connected because they are kind of my plan for the future! Stay motivated, graduate, and then live life in the future with all the advanced technology that I see coming!

Then I completed the Photo Through Different Lens Web assignment. I was so excited to complete this because I actually created this assignment! So since I created this assignment I decided to go with my original idea and example provided of shoes through different lens! I was super happy with how this turned out! I hope anyone else who completed this assignment found it as fun and challenging as I did.

Photo Through Different Lenses

Lastly, I completed the web storytelling assignment. Once again I was intimidated by the idea of this assignment, how am I suppose to alter a website already created? I was so confused, but this class always pushes me out of my comfort zone and I did it!

Web storytelling Using Amazon!

And as always a few comments from me!

Web Storytelling Via Amazon

Wow its hard to draw with a mouse pad

Dream vacation

Dream vacation


Weekly Summary

This week was a quick one! Fall break really cut into our ds106 time!

To get started on this week I completed some of the daily creates! I really appreciate only having to complete two daily creates this week since we have to create our radio show this week!

Daily Creates- Week #8

Then after my group and I met to move forward with our radio show plans I completed the second radio show progress post! I decided to complete this post before we finished our radio show since it is a post about progress and the process we went through to get to the end result.

Radio Show Progress #2

Then I obviously completed my radio show with Ashleigh and Alaina! This was such an incredible, challenging, and over fun project! I am so proud of how our Distress Signal Radio Show turned out!! We had to work with some challenges since we were suppose to be a group of four, but ended up just being a group of three, but it worked out because we worked super well together. Only have three people and three superhero’s to incorporate was a challenge on our overall time for the radio show, but we produced such an awesome show regardless! We had so much fun recording our show. My favorite thing we did was that we all met up and recorded all of our script together and even just talked randomly for some of the parts. This really helped give our radio a genuine radio show kind of vibe. Really recording, laughing and playing these games out is what brought our radio show to the next level. Also Ashleigh’s killer editing skills made this a much easier and fun process for me since I struggle in that area.

Lastly commenting! This was a challenge this week just because there were significantly less posts to interact with throughout the week but her are some of mine!

Daily Creates (Week Eight):

Radio Show Progress (part two)

Week 8 Daily Creatings

Weekly Summary

This week was so different than all the other weeks so far, but in a great way! I really loved the more interactive nature of this week and the upcoming week.

To start this week I completed all my daily creates and made a blog post about my work and my process!

Daily Creates- Week #7

Then I was not yet in a radio show group, but wanted to start my progress for the 10 star audio assignment bank projects so I worked on a random audio assignment for practice/fun! It was worth 4 1/2 stars! Here is my blog post and process steps about it!

Modify a Song without any new noises!

Then I got saw Ashleigh and Alaina looking for another group member on twitter and bam, awesome group in the making! Once we got all four of our group members we got rolling on working right away! So I worked on my radio show progress week 1 blog post!

Radio Show Progress

Since I finally got in a group, I started using some of my audio stars to help progress our radio show! First I worked on a new radio bumper that was specific to our show name and theme! Here is my post about that process!

Radio Bumper for Distress Signal!

Then I took a break from the audio assignments and completed some of the design elements that this week included! I created a promotional poster and a promotional sticker for our radio show! I really really loved how these two came out!

Distress Signal Design Project

Lastly I finished my audio assignment stars for the week by creating a commercial for our radio show!

Distress Signal Radio Commercial

Then lastly some of the commenting from this week !!!

You’re Listening to Distress Signal

Weekly Summary 7

Sweet n Sour Promo Poster

Promotional Poster


Weekly Summary- #6

This week in Ds106 *Cue superhero comic music*…

First I worked on the From Screen to Page assignment!! I really got frustrated while completing this one, but once it was all done I was really happy with the results and was really proud.

From Screen to Page

Next I worked in the Ds106 Design Assignment bank. I first designed my on superhero. Did not love how this one turned out for me mostly because of the design resource I used. I talk more about this within my blog post, but lack of options was very frustrating!

Design Your Superhero!

This design assignment was a nice one for me this week because for once I actually had some previous experience working with this program before! Plus I think that word clouds can be really effective at portraying words that are important to the central theme of what they are talking about.

Word Cloud- Little Brain Themed

Next I completed the Four Icons/One story assignment. I really liked the idea of this project because it is really hard to boil down a 2 hour movie into just four simple images. I also love guessing games and trivia games, and for me looking at examples and even creating my own was so much fun!

Four Icons..One Story

Next, was my daily creates!!!! My favorite part of every week!! This week in particular I really loved the rejected storm daily create. Check it out.

Daily Creates- Week #6

Then I worked on the DesignBlitz assignment. I really liked this one because as a psychology major the idea of implicit thoughts was really brought out throughout this project. I never noticed how I really made all these conclusions about advertisements and signs before until I had to write  a post about it! I already had all of these thoughts about design elements without even realizing how important they actually are!


Then… Read/Watch and Reflect assignment. Even though this was mostly learning by reading and less by creative doing I still really enjoyed it. Shows how important every decision a designer has to make throughout the creative process.

Read/Watch Reflect!

Lastly, commenting!!

Four Icons..One Story

Morph Shadow’s Super Tattoo

Movie to Comic

DesignBlitz (Week Six):


Another week down!! Congrats guys, keep up the good work!


Weekly Summer- #5

This week was a tough one! Audio editing is so much harder than I had anticipated! I definitely procrastinated a lot this week just because I was so overwhelmed with the audio editing aspect!  To start the week as always I have my daily creates!

Daily Creates- Week 5

Then I downloaded Audacity and slowly started messing around and figuring out how to work with it. I even got my friend Kelsey who is a ds106 alumni to help me out with the program! But I am definitely a fan of garage band for audio editing as well!

Next for this week I listened to the audio story Moon Graffiti . This was super helpful to listen to a real example of audio storytelling and how important sounds and music can be to portraying a story.

Moon Graffiti

After I completed that assignment and blog post I tackled the Radio Show Idea assignment. I really liked this assignment because it acted like a sketch pad to lay out some ideas that we could all think about with out having to complete the assignment immediately. Also, I really liked the idea I came up with, please check it out and let me know what you think!

Brainstorm Radio Show

Next I started to feel more comfortable with audio editing I started to pick out some audio assignments from the assignment bank! I first picked Make your own mixtape, but I went a head and incorporated my character for this one! It was really fun to think of songs he would listen to, and I learned how to create a Soundcloud playlist!!!

Little Brain’s Bad*** Mixtape

Next assignment bank project I completed was to read a motivational quote out loud! I LOVED this project, one because it was relatively easy compared to many of the other ones for this week, and two because I love quotes!

Motivational Quote

Then I completed the one assigned to everyone the Sound Effects Story audio assignment.

Sound Effect Story


Next I completed a radio bumper for ds106 radio! This was such a creative challenge for me, and to be honest I had a lot of help with what I finally decided to say in my bumper. But overall I am very happy with the end result!

Super Radio Bumper

Now on to probably my favorite task of this week, creating a introduction soundtrack for my character Little Brain! This was hilarious and so much fun to create! For a little diversity in voices I had my roommate read the introduction while I recorded and played background music! The hardest part of this assignment was decided what was the quickest cleanest way to explain his powers/development of his powers without it getting to wordy. I am so happy with the end results.

Little Brain’s SuperSidekick Soundtrack

Then ds106 radio listen along/live tweet! I listened in Thursday night 8:30-9:30.



Lastly as always some of my comments!!

Silence is the loudest sound.

My Radio Bumper

Some Ideas for a Radio Show…

Remake that Genre!