Weekly Summary- 4

This week was really fun. I think in this day in age everyone is a little bit of a photographer due to iPhones and social media so looking into that more in depth was super interesting.

The first assignment for this week I actually ended up doing very last. It was a really interesting assignment at looking at movie scenes in still shots and what is occurring within those scenes. I found it hard to pause the movie I was looking at at the perfect spot because it would end up being a little blurry. So I made the choice to choose a scene and then google search for the specific scene image after choosing it. This made it a lot easier to get the clear image for the correct scene.

Cinematography in Wonder Woman

Then was the three visual assignments from the ds106 assignment bank. The first one I worked on was The Life of a Superhero. My whole process and thoughts of this assignment are within the blog post below!

The Life of a Superhero

Then I completed the Peaceful Places visual assignment. Which was probably my favorite assignment I worked on this whole week. I have really been missing home lately and this assignment reminded me how lucky I am to have a place to miss!

Peaceful Places

Then my last visual assignment this week was It’s a bird, It’s a plane assignment. This took a lot of creativity and was so much fun to create and incorporate my character into another assignment!

It’s a bird it’s a plane, it’s Little Brain!

I also worked on my three daily creates throughout the course of the week! These are always a great part of my week.

Daily Creates- Week 4

Then I did the photoblitz task! This was such an interesting and fun task. I had a ton of fun with my roommates completing as many picture tasks as I could within the 20 minutes. We ended up getting two full lists done!


Lastly for this week commenting! Besides responding to all the lovely comments people have been posting on my posts these are some of the comments I sent out!


A Day in the Life of Morph Shadow


256 Points




Weekly Summary: Week 3

This week was full of fun and creative assignments! First assignment I started with reading How Ancient Legends Gave Birth To Modern Superheros, watching The First ever superman cartoon, and watching Vonnegut on The Shape of Stories. After doing all of this research I wrote my first blog post of them week.

What makes a superhero story so super?

After this activity I started completing some of the writing assignments. First one I selected was the Day in the Life of A Superhero. This writing assignment was so much fun to complete, it really brought out my creative side.

A Day in the Life of Venus Shadow: Writing Assignment

Next writing assignment I tackled was Poem Parody. This was a very challenging but awesome assignment from the bank. I loved experimenting with different word choices throughout editing the original poem.

Poem Remix

Then I did the assignment writing a letter to my future husband! This was kind of hard for me because you are writing a list of hopes and characteristics about a person that you might have no even met. I love thinking and planning for the future so this was a fun activity.

A Letter to my Future Husband

And finally my last writing assignment for week three was How does this song make you feel? I liked the idea of this assignment, but the directions on how you should complete it were slightly off in my opinion. I did not like that you had to tweet your song choice with all of the hashtags and your thoughts because there is not enough space to get out many thoughts.

How does this song make you feel?

Then I worked on my Character Dossier. This was such a fun collaboration with my roommates. They all helped me pick different parts of my superhero sidekick Little Brain. I also loved making a back story for him, figuring out how he developed and learned to control his abilities.

Character Dossier

Then although I worked on my daily creates throughout the whole week I made one cumulative blog post containing all of the info on them last, check it out!

Daily Creates: Week 3

Also an awesome aspect of this week was everyone really getting involved with each other through commenting on each others blog posts, also liking and commenting on other people’s tweets! I know every single time I got a comment or response from someone I have felt more connected to this class and this community so that is awesome! Here are some of the comments and responses from this week below!

Character Dossier

Poem Remix

A Day in the Life of Venus Shadow: Writing Assignment

Dear Future Husband

My Dad, My Hero

Plus many more! Love everyone getting more and more involved! Makes the class so much more fun!



Weekly Summary: Take 2

This week was jam packed with new learning opportunities and activities. First off I put some more time and customization into my blog. I tried out a few of the different themes, but a lot of them looked to cluttered and messy for my preference so I actually ended up going back to my original theme. After that I went in a changed up my blog title adding some more creativity and switched up my colors for my blog page. Lastly, I added all the plug-ins to help my blog run smoother! I’m pretty happy with the results of my blog right now, but who knows I might change my mind next week!

Then I tackled the new project of daily creates. I found this to be the easiest and the most fun of all the new assignments we worked with this week. I created a blog post of all three of my daily creates and the process I went through during this week!

Daily Creates

Next for the week I worked in the ds106 assignment bank. I enjoyed doing projects from the assignment bank because they challenged me a bit to get out of my comfort zone and experiment in new/creative ways I haven’t had to yet. I also really liked that they took a little more effort than the daily creates, but weren’t taking me hours to complete. I created a blog post for each of my assignment bank projects and the steps I took to get to the finished project! My favorite project to complete was the Audio assignment I did, check it out!!

Old School Photo

Alter Ego Instagram


Then for my struggles of this week! I had a tough time really getting involved with commenting and being active with other students. Since I really do not know anyone in this course I felt strange commenting on their blog posts, but then I figured I will never know them if I don’t. So near the end of this week I started commenting on some blogs, and I have been way more active on twitter with some of the daily create posts/conversations. Here is one of the blogs I left a comment on this week, I also commented on Olivia Breler’s weekly summary blog post, but I can not seem to get that to appear on my post properly (sorry for the technical difficulties) …hopefully there will be more to come!

First My Mother, Forever My Friend

Then my other struggle of the week was the groups google doc assignment. I pretty easily posted about my thoughts about previous assignments in the assignment bank, because I quickly realized what type of projects I enjoyed doing and which ones I did not like with the web storytelling category my group was assigned. I also found it pretty easy to make my own assignment for the Web storytelling assignment bank after looking through what was already there it helped spark some creative ideas. I created the Photo through different lens assignment, try it out and tell me what you think! So what I found most difficult about this part of this weeks assignment was the sharing of ideas and collaboration. There was little to no participation from the rest of my group which made it hard to bounce ideas off of people. Hopefully the more work we do in these groups the more activity there will be and the better the ideas will become!

Another week down in ds106, congrats everyone, you guys are SUPERstars!




Weekly Summary

Boot camp week is exactly what I thought it was going to be, time consuming and frustrating mostly due to my lack of tech savviness, but overall full of learning. One of the reasons I took this class was because I want to work on expanding my knowledge of using different multimedia sites, options, and tools. Luckily I had already set up a UMW blog domain from my FSEM class, unfortunately we barely used it so it took me a while to re-familiarize myself with the applications and tools. Then once I had updated my blog, and published it to the ds106 website I started all my introductions! First thing I did was create a new twitter account especially for this class; I found this the easiest because I am pretty familiar with using the platform twitter.

Then I created a Soundcloud account which I had never used before, but was a pretty straight forward process. I set up my account and then just recorded a voice memo on my iPhone and uploaded it from there. It was also very easy, although I had to record my voice memo about 5 times since I hate the sound of my own voice on recording. Then finished with embedding it into my UMW domains blog post.

Then I decided to tackle youtube since this is another platform I have had slight use of before due to using a gmail account, although I had never posted a self recorded video before this class assignment. So I found it easiest to record directly from my laptop photo booth application and then upload it to youtube from there.

Lastly I tackled Flickr, which is a site I had never used nor had any real contact with before. It took me quite a bit of  trial and error before I figured out how it all worked. Once my account was all set and I got the basic idea of the app I posted five images that give a brief look into my life so far. My favorite picture of all is the one of 3 of my friends and I jumped in front of the ocean in Havana, Cuba. This was my most significant summer and quite honestly life experience to date, so I felt it was the most important thing to share with you all.

Jumping for joy on UMW study abroad in Cuba #ds106

Post all of the week one boot camp assignments including, setting up various social media sites and introducing myself across all of them, I compiled them all into a introductory blog post.

Hello World!

Than, I also wrote a blog post on my thoughts of the superhero theme for this upcoming semester. Although I only made a few subtle references throughout my introductions to this theme I am very excited to incorporate it more heavily and more creatively the better I become with the tools I have at hand.

Superhero thoughts

Overall, I learned a lot more than I thought I would have from the very first week of class. I learned how to use three completely new social media platforms I have never encountered before, and I relearned how to use the UMW domain blog system. I was surprised how much harder it was for me to relearn how to post, share, and embed media into the word press application, compared to setting up a bunch of new accounts. The thing that frustrated me the most was embedding all the media elements I had posted on other sites all into one concise blog post, and then re-doing all of that for this weekly summary. I think the repetitive nature of it just frustrated me a little because I had just felt like I completed something, but then I had to do it one more time! Overall I really enjoyed the different nature of this class compared to most of my other courses here at UMW. I love the creative and personal perspective this course uses. Also, now that the accounts are all set up and I have a better understanding of using the blog, I really think I will like the use of multiple platforms to share information. I can not wait to keep increasing my knowledge and skills throughout this course.