How does this song make you feel?

My last assignment bank writing assignment for this week was worth 1 and 1/2 stars and it was called How does a song make you feel?

“Choose a song that elects a certain feeling within you. Copy the youtube/soundcloud URL to a Twitter post, and tell us what feelings this song brings you. Does it make you happy? sad? pumped? seductive? strong? let us know your feelings while listening to the song! You can add things such ” at :23 seconds, the hook dropped and it made me want to flail my arms around and scream”. Have fun with this!!”

Here is my tweet:

I love the idea of this assignment, but executing the goal of it in only a 140 character tweet was a little impractical, so I will add some of those thoughts here in this blog post instead!

The song I chose was “Sixteen” a song off Thomas Rhett’s new album called Life Changes. I chose this song first because it is one of my new favorites. Secondly, I love this song’s lyrics. It just reminds me how quickly life can pass you by when you are wishing to be older and wishing for the future. I think we all have a tendency to wish away some of the precious moments in life because we are so excited for the future. This song is a little reminder to take your time living life in the moment. I highly recommend this song to anyone who needs a reminder of treasuring life’s precious moments.

Poem Remix

My first writing assignment of this week was worth 3 stars, and it was the Poem Parody writing assignment.

“Take a poem and create a parody of it! Make a sonnet from Shakespeare into an ode to your cat, or rewrite Poe’s “The Raven” to be about Star Wars — shoot for anything you can come up with. The more ridiculous, the better! ”

I decided to pick this because I love poems and the importance of each word selected in one. So the idea of switching those to fit a new idea is super creative and challenging for me. I took this creative opportunity and related it back to the superhero theme of our class! First I search the internet for a poem that gave me enough time to put a whole superhero feel into it. Then once I decided on a poem I began editing switching up words until I got to my final product! Enjoy.

The Original: Still I Rise by Maya Angelou

The Remix: Still I Fly by Jordan Pamlanye

You may see my symbol in the sky
With your hope, superhero sized hopes,
You may hold my name up high
But still, like my cape, I’ll fly.Does my superness excite you?
Why are you overwhelmed with glee?
‘Cause I fly like I’ve got wings
Shooting out of my spine.

Just like villains and like enemies,
With the certainty of evil,
Just like the good soaring high,
Still I’ll fly.

Did you wish to meet me?
Mask and cape, and all?
Shoulders pushed back in pride.
Strengthened by your help me cries.

Does my power protect you?
Don’t you love that I am here
‘Cause I watch over you like you are
My family in my own back yard.

Villains may shoot me with their lasers,
Villains may cut me with their knifes,
Villains may kill me with their evil,
But still, like air, I’ll fly.

Does my hope upset you?
Does it come as a surprise
That I dance like I’ve got allies
At each one of my sides?
Out of the plenty of history books
I fly
Up from a different planet that’s way up in space
I fly
I’m a red like my cape, jumping high and strong,
Punching and fighting I defend the city.
Leaving behind nights of terror and fear
I fly
Into a day full of unknown danger
I fly
Bringing the powers that my planet gave,
I am the dream and the hope of the city.
I fly
I fly
I fly.


A Day in the Life of Venus Shadow: Writing Assignment

A day in the life of me Venus Shadow begins with breakfast, even superheros need the energy of the most important meal of the day. Then after I have my bacon, egg, and cheese sandwich I begin fighting crime with my trusty sidekick, Shade who is a black lab, and the most loyal companion ever. After my home planet Zynophorm exploded due to the evil Spambot I am all alone, except for Shade. Shade and I usually start a day of crime fighting in Copenhagen by hopping from shadow to shadow to transport quickly and check out all the local villains. We start on the South side patrolling the rogue angels territory. I can always tell when someone needs saving from them because when they attack a huge beam of light shines out, and since shadows are my specialty, I notice very quickly, almost as fast as the speed of light. Then once I take care of those guys, I move to the East side where my arch nemesis Spambot resides. He is continuously trying to destroy Earth and all its humanity just like he did to my home planet. I use my secondary power of controlling the icy zero-pressure vacuum of space to put out all of his fiery balls of doom and save Earth, but he always seems to slip away before I can get ahold of him. After Shade and I get through with the Spambot we head home for a hot shower, a home cooked meal, and dessert of course. Every day is a new battle for Shade and I, but we are happy to fight to keep Earth and all its inhabitants safe.

Here is a quick overview of my powers and backstory: