A Letter to my Future Husband

My next writing assignment from the bank this week was worth 3 and a 1/2 stars and was called Dear Future Husband.

“Ever think of things to say to your future husband or wife? Write down a short letter to your future husband or wife letting them know the things you want to see in them, expect, and hope the future will be like with them!”

Theoretically it is basically just writing a letter to your future husband, but it was actually quite challenging to write about someone that you possibly never have met. Especially because you are not totally sure what you will want in 5/10 years. This assignment really challenged my creative side.

Dear future husband,

I hope that you know I love you more than I could ever put into words, even though I do talk A LOT. I hope you are a full of compassion, drive, generosity, and love. I hope that you always show me kindness, and I always return the favor. I hope that you calm me down when I get overwhelmed, and you make me laugh when I think I am going to cry. I hope that we share a love like no other, not like a song, or a movie, but our own personal love story. I hope our marriage is filled with love, trust, and most of all laughter. I hope that through the best times we are standing hand in hand, and during the worst times we are holding each other up. I hope that we can continue to grow together and support each others dreams and goals. I want our relationship to be a friendship first, and a love second. Overall, I hope to have a love that lasts a lifetime.

I hope I am lucky enough to meet you one day.


Your future wife

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