Brainstorm Radio Show

My idea for a radio show centered around our class theme would be a Superhero Bracket! So basically just like an NCAA Basketball bracket everyone participating in the show and people listening pick their winning superhero. They pick the superhero they believe is the number one best superhero of all time. Then you debate on who is correct.  We can debate on their skills, weaknesses, resources, and everything in between until a winner prevails. I think this would be such an entertaining radio show because we could cover so many different superheros and the positives and negatives about them. It also lends itself to being a super interactive radio show because listeners can pick teams to join. Listeners can agree with one person’s top choice or can come up with a completely different perspective! There is so much flexibility here that could have something everyone would enjoy listening to!

3 thoughts on “Brainstorm Radio Show”

  1. Interesting idea! You could incorporate Twitter polls in something like this to give the rest of the class a say in the outcome.

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