Cinematography in Wonder Woman

For this cinematography assignment I decided to look at the new Wonder Woman movie. Here is what I found…

This is a great shot that shows foreground and background. She is clearly the focus of the shot in the foreground and the city in the distance is the background.

This screenshot is a perfect example of depth. The rocks in the background being slightly blurry and faded out show their distance from the main focus of the scene.

This shot of Wonder Woman is a showing the contrast of light and dark. The contrast is due to her dark black cape and the shadow on her face contrasting with the bright light shinning in from the window.

This is one of my personal favorite screen shots and scenes from the entire movie. This is an excellent action shot that shows the moment occurring. The power in her stance, her facial expression, the movement of her hair matching the power of her force. All of these aspects add to the moment of this image.

This movie has so many examples of amazing cinematography, I highly recommend it to anyone who has not yet seen it!

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