Daily Creates- Week 4

This week in ds106 daily creates Jordan version I completed some interesting tasks!

First off I chose my life defining moment. Although I personally believe that people’s life defining moment changes along with them my current most life defining moment was moving down 7 hours from home to Fredericksburg Virginia for college. For this I found a meme that I thought perfectly fit the new lifestyle I was living.

Next I did the Paperback Paradise daily create which took a lot more time then I had anticipated. First I searched and searched google for an old fashion book cover that I liked and found unique enough for me to put my own spin on it. Once I discovered that book cover I had to come up with my new title and edit it. The title came to me pretty quickly because I have a pretty satirical sense of humor so I found that easy. The editing was a challenge for me. I wanted to insert two different text boxes so I had to use the snapchat editing feature two different times to get my desired outcome. Even though I went through quite the process I was very satisfied with the end result!

And last of all I had the daily create tongue twister assignment! This was another fun and simple daily create. All I had to do to complete this daily create was record myself saying a tongue twister on my voice memo app on my iPhone, then upload it to my Soundcloud, and tweet it!

Daily creates are such a fun and low stress way to stay involved creative and interactive during the week!



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