Daily Creates- Week #6

This week in Daily Creates Jordan style…

The first daily create I completed was Childhood terrors! For this daily create I just searched spider in the gif section on twitter until I found this gem that correctly evoked the feeling of terror I had when I was younger. Then added the correct hashtags and bam, done!

Second daily create was, make a vegetable smile! This was easy for me to complete because I just went shopping for some veggies! To complete this assignment I pulled out my peppers and tomatoes and formed it into a smile! Hashtags and BAM, done!

Lastly for daily creates, I participated in the rejected storm names weather broadcast! I thought this was a pretty funny idea. |You never thing of the names that get rejected. So I picked one of the names from the list, recored my weather broadcast on the voice memo app, uploaded it to Soundcloud, and posted it to twitter with the correct hashtags, and

Thats all for daily creates for week 6!

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