Daily Creates- Week #7


Since this week is heavy on group planning and participation, I wanted to make sure I got my daily creates out of the way early (or as early as I could).

The first one I completed was Cassini’s Last Words. I completed this daily create by simply searching goodbye in the gif application on twitter until I found one that made me laugh! I decided to go with a classic heart wrenching goodbye from Disney’s Woody.

Then I completed the WAIT, This is an Amazon Echo?? I completed this daily create by looking around the room I was in and picking an object that was shinny, with rounded edges, and made of a hard material. I ended up picking a flower vase, which makes it even funnier! The final product!!!

Last daily create of this week!!! This was my favorite daily create because the concept behind it. It was the Shit Superheros get asked daily create! I think in our society especially with social media we over dramatize ALOT. You hear the phrases, I am starving, I am dying, and I am exhausted over used and incorrectly used. So putting this into the concept of our classes theme with superhero distress calls was super funny!

Hope you enjoyed!!!

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