DS106 Radio Tweetalong

This was quite an experience! I tuned into the Thursday night 8:30-9:30 radio show. It was a Batman dramatic audio story. I have never “live tweeted” anything nor have I ever listened to a radio story or audiobook or anything like this. It was such a cool new experience. I had to picture all of the scenes, sets, and characters in my head purely based on sound effects, music, and character voices. It was a little stressful live tweeting though. I was typing about one thing and then I was nervous I was missing other subtle things in the radio show. My favorite part of the whole experience was seeing other people’s tweets as I was tweeting. It was so cool to see we had noticed the same things, and made similar interpretations based on a little sound. Just shows how important sounds can be in a story! I am super happy to have been a part of something like this! Thanks ds106 radio, it was an awesome new experience!

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