This assignment was extremely interesting. It was such a fun and quick way to try and be very creative. I also found that I needed a lot of help to come up with ideas of what the pictures would be! So here it goes the photoblitz, I accomplished two lists in my 20 minutes!

My first list!
My roommate holding a picture of herself from freshman year of college!
Fill the frame with cookies!
Oven dials are signals too.
My roommate in motion.
My roommate is quite angry about me eating all the cookies
Something green!
Through the (looking) glass.
List number 2!
Antman’s view of the world
My natural human emotion is JOY
Not so artsy, but there are toes!
Bright green shorts make the black remote pop!
Green with envy (money green)
Best fabric to cuddle with
Van Gogh would be jealous of this artsy ear!
My end time, slightly off 20 minutes!

Photoblitz was quite the experience!

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