Radio Show Progress #2

Distress Signal radio show is progressing wonderfully!

There was a slight delay in progress because of everyone being home for fall break, but as soon as we returned we got right back on track!

Today Ashleigh, Alaina, and I all met to really lay out and write a complete script for our radio show! It was so cool and fun to meet with them in person for the first time and have all of our ideas finally coming together into a real radio show! We basically spent an entire hour brainstorming and nailing out what our show will look like. We first went through our google doc and organized our ideas into one clear cut outline of what will be included into our show. Then we started to get into more specific details about when and what specifically we would be saying! I do not want to give you all too many details because we have a lot of surprises up our sleeves for our radio show!

As for recording we are meeting tomorrow evening to complete the final radio show! I am so excited to hear our final product because there are so many creative and fun ideas that we collaborated together to create!

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