Sound Effect Story

This audio assignment was so interesting. Telling a story without words takes a lot of creativity! To complete this project I used the recommend website to find some sound effects for my story. I then downloaded them all to my iTunes account. One I completed that I uploaded all my sound effects to garage band. I used garage band because I have had previous experience with it opposed to Audacity, which I looked at, but found it more difficult to use. Then once I inputted all of my sound effects into garage band I trimmed them to fit under the 90 second story limit! Here is my final sound effect story…Guess what my story is, and look and see if you are right at the bottom of my post!!

My story is that a little boy opened a magical door. The door opened to an enchanted forest full of birds chirping and magical creatures living happily. Then the Prince rode his horse in to meet the lost boy and make sure he was safe. Then a fairy flew out to meet them and cast a spell of protection over them because a horrific storm cast by the evil witch was coming straight for them. The fairy waved her wand and protected the whole enchanted forest from the thunder strikes of the witch. The story continues…

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