For my the third and final assignment bank project of this week I picked an audio assignment. I decided to do the “A Mailchimped Message” assignment. The basic premise of this assignment was to create an audio only ad where you integrate multiple voices together saying one phrase about something that matters to you. I decided to make my ad about UMW since it is such a huge part of my life currently. I began this process by taking multiple recordings of individuals on the iPhone app voice memo. Once I had my recordings complete I uploaded them onto my computer and exported them into iMovie. Within iMovie I trimmed the clips into the smaller phrases and matched them up with the previous clip to avoid large gaps in the ad. Once I finished clipping the four different people’s recordings into a single clip I exported the iMovie file into a MPEG file. For the last step of this assignment process I uploaded my MPEG file onto Soundcloud! Below is my finished product of University of Mary Washington’s unofficial new student ad.



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