Video Essay- The Flash

This was a challenging assignment for me. I personally have never consciously broken down a movie or tv show into such small components before. At first it was really difficult for me to grasp some of these concepts. Then the more and moreI learned about them the easier they were for me to pick out. For this assignment in particular I wanted to do it based off of something I was not as familiar with to see if I could still pick out these elements without previous exposure. I chose one of the recommend tv shows from Netflix The Flash. I watched about 12 minutes of the first episode until I settled on a scene. It was actually quite early in the show as well. Once I picked the clip and the reasons behind why I picked it I began the creating the video stage. To do this I uploaded the clip into iMovie first. Then I trimmed it to the desired scene. I also went ahead and added in the same clip on extremely slowed down that way the viewers can see the clip first in its entirety then they could see if slower when the elements were being pointed out. After this I used the voice memo app on my phone to record my comments. I then layered the comments in with the video clips adjusting volume levels so everything was clear! Here were my main cinematic elements chosen and my final product! ENJOY!

  1. Shot/Reverse shot was an extremely effective way to film a group conversation! Providing a realistic feel to a staged conversation.
  2. Camera Focus
  3. Scene background staging

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