Web storytelling Using Amazon!

When I first read what I had to do for this assignment I was very intimadated! How am i suppose to edit a pre made website? This idea did not even make sense to me at first. Then I used the Mozilla X-Ray Goggles site and followed their basic tutorial and it was actually so simple!

Once I figured out how the heck I was suppose to do this I went right to Amazon! I chose Amazon because one I am an active prime member and love their site! I also thought if I was looking for the most abstract thing ever and could not find it where would I look, and the answer was Amazon! I was not sure what or how I was going to edit into a new product, but then it hit me! I created a product that actually helps stop my super sidekick little brain from using his mind reading powers. I thought it would be funny to almost have it be a one stop shop for super villains to finally be able to stop the good guy.

So I search bike helmet on Amazon and editing the text to describe it as a Mind Reading Protection Helmet! I editing throughout the entire text to really make this product seem real!! I even edited all the small text no one even reads!

Purchase your mind reading protection ASAP before all the villains clear them out!

Here is a closer image of the smaller text!

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