Weekly Summary

This week was a quick one! Fall break really cut into our ds106 time!

To get started on this week I completed some of the daily creates! I really appreciate only having to complete two daily creates this week since we have to create our radio show this week!

Daily Creates- Week #8

Then after my group and I met to move forward with our radio show plans I completed the second radio show progress post! I decided to complete this post before we finished our radio show since it is a post about progress and the process we went through to get to the end result.

Radio Show Progress #2

Then I obviously completed my radio show with Ashleigh and Alaina! This was such an incredible, challenging, and over fun project! I am so proud of how our Distress Signal Radio Show turned out!! We had to work with some challenges since we were suppose to be a group of four, but ended up just being a group of three, but it worked out because we worked super well together. Only have three people and three superhero’s to incorporate was a challenge on our overall time for the radio show, but we produced such an awesome show regardless! We had so much fun recording our show. My favorite thing we did was that we all met up and recorded all of our script together and even just talked randomly for some of the parts. This really helped give our radio a genuine radio show kind of vibe. Really recording, laughing and playing these games out is what brought our radio show to the next level. Also Ashleigh’s killer editing skills made this a much easier and fun process for me since I struggle in that area.

Lastly commenting! This was a challenge this week just because there were significantly less posts to interact with throughout the week but her are some of mine!

Daily Creates (Week Eight):

Radio Show Progress (part two)

Week 8 Daily Creatings

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