Weekly Summary- 4

This week was really fun. I think in this day in age everyone is a little bit of a photographer due to iPhones and social media so looking into that more in depth was super interesting.

The first assignment for this week I actually ended up doing very last. It was a really interesting assignment at looking at movie scenes in still shots and what is occurring within those scenes. I found it hard to pause the movie I was looking at at the perfect spot because it would end up being a little blurry. So I made the choice to choose a scene and then google search for the specific scene image after choosing it. This made it a lot easier to get the clear image for the correct scene.

Cinematography in Wonder Woman

Then was the three visual assignments from the ds106 assignment bank. The first one I worked on was The Life of a Superhero. My whole process and thoughts of this assignment are within the blog post below!

The Life of a Superhero

Then I completed the Peaceful Places visual assignment. Which was probably my favorite assignment I worked on this whole week. I have really been missing home lately and this assignment reminded me how lucky I am to have a place to miss!

Peaceful Places

Then my last visual assignment this week was It’s a bird, It’s a plane assignment. This took a lot of creativity and was so much fun to create and incorporate my character into another assignment!

It’s a bird it’s a plane, it’s Little Brain!

I also worked on my three daily creates throughout the course of the week! These are always a great part of my week.

Daily Creates- Week 4

Then I did the photoblitz task! This was such an interesting and fun task. I had a ton of fun with my roommates completing as many picture tasks as I could within the 20 minutes. We ended up getting two full lists done!


Lastly for this week commenting! Besides responding to all the lovely comments people have been posting on my posts these are some of the comments I sent out!


A Day in the Life of Morph Shadow


256 Points




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