Weekly Summary- #6

This week in Ds106 *Cue superhero comic music*…

First I worked on the From Screen to Page assignment!! I really got frustrated while completing this one, but once it was all done I was really happy with the results and was really proud.

From Screen to Page

Next I worked in the Ds106 Design Assignment bank. I first designed my on superhero. Did not love how this one turned out for me mostly because of the design resource I used. I talk more about this within my blog post, but lack of options was very frustrating!

Design Your Superhero!

This design assignment was a nice one for me this week because for once I actually had some previous experience working with this program before! Plus I think that word clouds can be really effective at portraying words that are important to the central theme of what they are talking about.

Word Cloud- Little Brain Themed

Next I completed the Four Icons/One story assignment. I really liked the idea of this project because it is really hard to boil down a 2 hour movie into just four simple images. I also love guessing games and trivia games, and for me looking at examples and even creating my own was so much fun!

Four Icons..One Story

Next, was my daily creates!!!! My favorite part of every week!! This week in particular I really loved the rejected storm daily create. Check it out.

Daily Creates- Week #6

Then I worked on the DesignBlitz assignment. I really liked this one because as a psychology major the idea of implicit thoughts was really brought out throughout this project. I never noticed how I really made all these conclusions about advertisements and signs before until I had to write  a post about it! I already had all of these thoughts about design elements without even realizing how important they actually are!


Then… Read/Watch and Reflect assignment. Even though this was mostly learning by reading and less by creative doing I still really enjoyed it. Shows how important every decision a designer has to make throughout the creative process.

Read/Watch Reflect!

Lastly, commenting!!

Four Icons..One Story

Morph Shadow’s Super Tattoo

Movie to Comic

DesignBlitz (Week Six):


Another week down!! Congrats guys, keep up the good work!


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