Weekly Summary: Take 2

This week was jam packed with new learning opportunities and activities. First off I put some more time and customization into my blog. I tried out a few of the different themes, but a lot of them looked to cluttered and messy for my preference so I actually ended up going back to my original theme. After that I went in a changed up my blog title adding some more creativity and switched up my colors for my blog page. Lastly, I added all the plug-ins to help my blog run smoother! I’m pretty happy with the results of my blog right now, but who knows I might change my mind next week!

Then I tackled the new project of daily creates. I found this to be the easiest and the most fun of all the new assignments we worked with this week. I created a blog post of all three of my daily creates and the process I went through during this week!

Daily Creates

Next for the week I worked in the ds106 assignment bank. I enjoyed doing projects from the assignment bank because they challenged me a bit to get out of my comfort zone and experiment in new/creative ways I haven’t had to yet. I also really liked that they took a little more effort than the daily creates, but weren’t taking me hours to complete. I created a blog post for each of my assignment bank projects and the steps I took to get to the finished project! My favorite project to complete was the Audio assignment I did, check it out!!

Old School Photo

Alter Ego Instagram


Then for my struggles of this week! I had a tough time really getting involved with commenting and being active with other students. Since I really do not know anyone in this course I felt strange commenting on their blog posts, but then I figured I will never know them if I don’t. So near the end of this week I started commenting on some blogs, and I have been way more active on twitter with some of the daily create posts/conversations. Here is one of the blogs I left a comment on this week, I also commented on Olivia Breler’s weekly summary blog post, but I can not seem to get that to appear on my post properly (sorry for the technical difficulties) …hopefully there will be more to come!

First My Mother, Forever My Friend

Then my other struggle of the week was the groups google doc assignment. I pretty easily posted about my thoughts about previous assignments in the assignment bank, because I quickly realized what type of projects I enjoyed doing and which ones I did not like with the web storytelling category my group was assigned. I also found it pretty easy to make my own assignment for the Web storytelling assignment bank after looking through what was already there it helped spark some creative ideas. I created the Photo through different lens assignment, try it out and tell me what you think! So what I found most difficult about this part of this weeks assignment was the sharing of ideas and collaboration. There was little to no participation from the rest of my group which made it hard to bounce ideas off of people. Hopefully the more work we do in these groups the more activity there will be and the better the ideas will become!

Another week down in ds106, congrats everyone, you guys are SUPERstars!




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