Weekly Summary: Week 3

This week was full of fun and creative assignments! First assignment I started with reading How Ancient Legends Gave Birth To Modern Superheros, watching The First ever superman cartoon, and watching Vonnegut on The Shape of Stories. After doing all of this research I wrote my first blog post of them week.

What makes a superhero story so super?

After this activity I started completing some of the writing assignments. First one I selected was the Day in the Life of A Superhero. This writing assignment was so much fun to complete, it really brought out my creative side.

A Day in the Life of Venus Shadow: Writing Assignment

Next writing assignment I tackled was Poem Parody. This was a very challenging but awesome assignment from the bank. I loved experimenting with different word choices throughout editing the original poem.

Poem Remix

Then I did the assignment writing a letter to my future husband! This was kind of hard for me because you are writing a list of hopes and characteristics about a person that you might have no even met. I love thinking and planning for the future so this was a fun activity.

A Letter to my Future Husband

And finally my last writing assignment for week three was How does this song make you feel? I liked the idea of this assignment, but the directions on how you should complete it were slightly off in my opinion. I did not like that you had to tweet your song choice with all of the hashtags and your thoughts because there is not enough space to get out many thoughts.

How does this song make you feel?

Then I worked on my Character Dossier. This was such a fun collaboration with my roommates. They all helped me pick different parts of my superhero sidekick Little Brain. I also loved making a back story for him, figuring out how he developed and learned to control his abilities.

Character Dossier

Then although I worked on my daily creates throughout the whole week I made one cumulative blog post containing all of the info on them last, check it out!

Daily Creates: Week 3

Also an awesome aspect of this week was everyone really getting involved with each other through commenting on each others blog posts, also liking and commenting on other people’s tweets! I know every single time I got a comment or response from someone I have felt more connected to this class and this community so that is awesome! Here are some of the comments and responses from this week below!

Character Dossier

Poem Remix

A Day in the Life of Venus Shadow: Writing Assignment

Dear Future Husband

My Dad, My Hero

Plus many more! Love everyone getting more and more involved! Makes the class so much more fun!



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