Weekly Summary- Week #9

How is it already week 9?!?!

Anyway! To start this week we finally got to hear all of the radio shows we have all been working on over these past few weeks! I loved the live tweet along, and even Professor Bond and I trying to use google hangout to chat afterwards! Along with the live tweet along I also wrote a review of one of the awesome ds106 radio shows we had!

Review of Radio Show!

Also we had to complete 6 stars from the assignment bank this week! I chose two assignments, create your own room which was 4 1/2 stars and Google Draw something which was worth 1 1/2 stars! Both of these were super easy and also fun which was a nice break from the intense effort and slight stress from creating our radio show!

Create Your Own Room

Google Draw Something

Then I also completed the three daily creates that somehow connected into a story! This was so cool because when I was completing a daily create instead of doing something super random I had to think of a way to tie it into my previous one.

First one: Sticky Note Motivation for a Stranger

Second one: Drawing small

Third one: life look like 100 years from now!

They all connected because they are kind of my plan for the future! Stay motivated, graduate, and then live life in the future with all the advanced technology that I see coming!

Then I completed the Photo Through Different Lens Web assignment. I was so excited to complete this because I actually created this assignment! So since I created this assignment I decided to go with my original idea and example provided of shoes through different lens! I was super happy with how this turned out! I hope anyone else who completed this assignment found it as fun and challenging as I did.

Photo Through Different Lenses

Lastly, I completed the web storytelling assignment. Once again I was intimidated by the idea of this assignment, how am I suppose to alter a website already created? I was so confused, but this class always pushes me out of my comfort zone and I did it!

Web storytelling Using Amazon!

And as always a few comments from me!

Web Storytelling Via Amazon

Wow its hard to draw with a mouse pad

Dream vacation

Dream vacation


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