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Boot camp week is exactly what I thought it was going to be, time consuming and frustrating mostly due to my lack of tech savviness, but overall full of learning. One of the reasons I took this class was because I want to work on expanding my knowledge of using different multimedia sites, options, and tools. Luckily I had already set up a UMW blog domain from my FSEM class, unfortunately we barely used it so it took me a while to re-familiarize myself with the applications and tools. Then once I had updated my blog, and published it to the ds106 website I started all my introductions! First thing I did was create a new twitter account especially for this class; I found this the easiest because I am pretty familiar with using the platform twitter.

Then I created a Soundcloud account which I had never used before, but was a pretty straight forward process. I set up my account and then just recorded a voice memo on my iPhone and uploaded it from there. It was also very easy, although I had to record my voice memo about 5 times since I hate the sound of my own voice on recording. Then finished with embedding it into my UMW domains blog post.

Then I decided to tackle youtube since this is another platform I have had slight use of before due to using a gmail account, although I had never posted a self recorded video before this class assignment. So I found it easiest to record directly from my laptop photo booth application and then upload it to youtube from there.

Lastly I tackled Flickr, which is a site I had never used nor had any real contact with before. It took me quite a bit of  trial and error before I figured out how it all worked. Once my account was all set and I got the basic idea of the app I posted five images that give a brief look into my life so far. My favorite picture of all is the one of 3 of my friends and I jumped in front of the ocean in Havana, Cuba. This was my most significant summer and quite honestly life experience to date, so I felt it was the most important thing to share with you all.

Jumping for joy on UMW study abroad in Cuba #ds106

Post all of the week one boot camp assignments including, setting up various social media sites and introducing myself across all of them, I compiled them all into a introductory blog post.

Hello World!

Than, I also wrote a blog post on my thoughts of the superhero theme for this upcoming semester. Although I only made a few subtle references throughout my introductions to this theme I am very excited to incorporate it more heavily and more creatively the better I become with the tools I have at hand.

Superhero thoughts

Overall, I learned a lot more than I thought I would have from the very first week of class. I learned how to use three completely new social media platforms I have never encountered before, and I relearned how to use the UMW domain blog system. I was surprised how much harder it was for me to relearn how to post, share, and embed media into the word press application, compared to setting up a bunch of new accounts. The thing that frustrated me the most was embedding all the media elements I had posted on other sites all into one concise blog post, and then re-doing all of that for this weekly summary. I think the repetitive nature of it just frustrated me a little because I had just felt like I completed something, but then I had to do it one more time! Overall I really enjoyed the different nature of this class compared to most of my other courses here at UMW. I love the creative and personal perspective this course uses. Also, now that the accounts are all set up and I have a better understanding of using the blog, I really think I will like the use of multiple platforms to share information. I can not wait to keep increasing my knowledge and skills throughout this course.



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  1. That’s what I call a super summary! It details what you went through and reflects upon what you got out of it – just what we like to see. I’m glad to have you in the class.

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