Weekly Summer- #5

This week was a tough one! Audio editing is so much harder than I had anticipated! I definitely procrastinated a lot this week just because I was so overwhelmed with the audio editing aspect!  To start the week as always I have my daily creates!

Daily Creates- Week 5

Then I downloaded Audacity and slowly started messing around and figuring out how to work with it. I even got my friend Kelsey who is a ds106 alumni to help me out with the program! But I am definitely a fan of garage band for audio editing as well!

Next for this week I listened to the audio story Moon Graffiti . This was super helpful to listen to a real example of audio storytelling and how important sounds and music can be to portraying a story.

Moon Graffiti

After I completed that assignment and blog post I tackled the Radio Show Idea assignment. I really liked this assignment because it acted like a sketch pad to lay out some ideas that we could all think about with out having to complete the assignment immediately. Also, I really liked the idea I came up with, please check it out and let me know what you think!

Brainstorm Radio Show

Next I started to feel more comfortable with audio editing I started to pick out some audio assignments from the assignment bank! I first picked Make your own mixtape, but I went a head and incorporated my character for this one! It was really fun to think of songs he would listen to, and I learned how to create a Soundcloud playlist!!!

Little Brain’s Bad*** Mixtape

Next assignment bank project I completed was to read a motivational quote out loud! I LOVED this project, one because it was relatively easy compared to many of the other ones for this week, and two because I love quotes!

Motivational Quote

Then I completed the one assigned to everyone the Sound Effects Story audio assignment.

Sound Effect Story


Next I completed a radio bumper for ds106 radio! This was such a creative challenge for me, and to be honest I had a lot of help with what I finally decided to say in my bumper. But overall I am very happy with the end result!

Super Radio Bumper

Now on to probably my favorite task of this week, creating a introduction soundtrack for my character Little Brain! This was hilarious and so much fun to create! For a little diversity in voices I had my roommate read the introduction while I recorded and played background music! The hardest part of this assignment was decided what was the quickest cleanest way to explain his powers/development of his powers without it getting to wordy. I am so happy with the end results.

Little Brain’s SuperSidekick Soundtrack

Then ds106 radio listen along/live tweet! I listened in Thursday night 8:30-9:30.



Lastly as always some of my comments!!

Silence is the loudest sound.

My Radio Bumper

Some Ideas for a Radio Show…

Remake that Genre!


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